Athletes should not enter or exit the building through the Commons or Hall of Honor when dressed for practice. All athletes should use the side doors that lead directly to the locker rooms.

        Lockers:         -Athletes should only use the locker to which they are assigned.
Lockers must have a Prep lock.  No items should be left in the
                           locker room unless they are in a locked locker.
                        - Lockers and the locker room should be kept clean
                        - Athletes found misbehaving in the locker room risk loosing their locker.

        All athletes are expected to attend practice and meets over Christmas and Easter break.

        Athletes that qualify for States or Nationals are required to attend practice over February break

        All athletes must have a current physical and emergency card on file with the school nurse

        All athletes must attend Championship meets.  All team members are expected to stay until the end of the meet.

        Absence from a non-championship meet must be discussed with a coach in advance.

        Competitors are required to wear the assigned uniform to all meets.

        Sportsmanship is expected and required from all athletes.  A violation of this may result in suspension or dismal from the team.

        Physical or verbal abuse, or bullying of teammates negatively impacts the entire team.  Athletes that create a negative team atmosphere through bullying may be suspended or dismissed from the team.