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Cornelius "Dutch" Warmerdam back in the 1940s' on a steel pole


5-7-11  Soph Sean McEvoy 13'6 at St. Anthony's Invite to take 2nd
It took 3 warm-up jumps and 6 competition jumps before the bar reached 13'6, just 1/4 inch short of the Soph School record held by Jonathan Bednarz '07.  Of those 9 jumps only one was good- the jump at 13 feet, yet when the bar reached 13'6 he would put it all together for a clearance on his first attempt-- proof that all you sometimes need is one good jump!  That jump tied him on the record list with former League and Armory Record Holder Gavin McMahon '03.   (Interesting side story-  before the competition began a young St. Anthony's vaulter inquired of McEvoy what he hoped to jump today.  He responded 13'6 and inquired if Michael Brunaforte (star St. Anthony junior) was jumping--  The St.Anthony's kid replied, "Yes, why did you think you could win?"  Well Sean did finish second to Brunaforte but didn't make the win easy as Brunaforte would miss 13'6 twice before clearing on the 3rd attempt.  With Sean ahead by virtue of a first jump clearance, 14 feet was a must for Brunaforte to secure the win. )
Senior Pat Civetta with some great practices under his belt proved too strong for his 14'7 160 pole, blowing through at 13 feet.  He would still place 5th with his 12'6 clearance.
Back Home at Icahn frosh newcomer Coleman Kramer had a one foot PR with a 9 foot clearance to pace the JV to a sweep in the vault--  15 important points helped them secure a victory over Xavier.
Soph Lucas Gilbride would do the same for the Varsity with a 12'3 clearance-- moving him to #6 All-Time on the soph record list!

1/23/11 SEAN MCEVOY LEAPS into PREP HISTORY as only the 3rd soph ever to clear 13 feet!
Steady work improving his plant pays dividends in progressing from 13 to 14 foot poles, and nets the Prep's first 13 foot vault by a soph since 2005 and places him just behind school record holders Jon Bednarz and Gavin McMahon.  Below is picture sequence of the 13 foot jump.  Scroll to bottom of page to find a rather similar pic from another vaulter back at the turn of the century.


1/15/11 Frosh James Duetmeyer wins at Stanner Games with #2 all-time Prep Freshman jump!
With 141 schools in attendance James Duetmeyer took home the gold in the Freshman pole vault.  Opening at 8 feet four inches he was perfect through ten feet to take the victory.  His ten foot jump ranks him tied for #2 on the Prep record list. Noteable ten foot Freshmen on the list include  Gavin McMahon and Jon Bednarz who both hold the current varsity record at 15'6.  Bedarz went on to vault at Duke University and McMahon at West Point.  (Note: later that day James ran on the 4x400m relay that set a new Freshman school record at 3:41)

12/11/10  Season kicks off at Relay Carnival

A summer and fall of hard work in the weight room and doing drills pays off for many with big jumps-  take a look at how things compare to this time last year:
                            2009 Relay Carnival            2010 Relay Carnival
Pat Civetta                12'0                                    10'6
Cameron Granda      12'0                                    9'6
Sean McEvoy            11'6                                    7'6
Barent Kowarick        11'0                                    injured
Adam Loughlin            11'0                                    injured
John Bauer                10'0                                    9'0
Mike Janny                9'6                                    6'6
Markell Jones-Francis 9'6                                    6'6
Robert Horvath            9'0                                    7'6
Lucas Gilbride            9'0                                       8'0
Christian Kuntz            9'0                                      8'0
Ryan Loftus                8'6                                        7'6
Danny Kaul                NH at 9'0                            6'6
Jack Wagner               NH at 8'0                            6'0
Jack Lee                     8'6                                        did not compete

As a team we improved by 21 feet 6 inches!!!   with big jumps still on tap for this season!!!

2/23/10 Ferguson Joins 14 Foot Club!!!!
At the eastern states champs Tom Ferguson became only the sixth vaulter in Prep history to clear 14 feet, and in did it in an unlikely fashion.  Consider his indoor campaign began in December with him no-heighting at 12 feet.  Before easterns he had never cleared better than 13'6, never opened at a height higher that 12'6 and never been on a pole bigger than a 14'6 165lb.  With an opening height set by meet directors of 14 feet, it would seem to the casual observer that he did not belong in this competition, a thought furthest from Tom's mind and those that had seen him jump lately.  In warm-ups and as the competition began he carried himself with the confidence that said he did belong, and then on his second jump, using a 14'6 170lb pole,  he proved that indeed he did-- soaring over 14 feet to take 6th at the Eastern States Championship. To borrow a line from "a friend of the Prep"-- You can't make this stuff up!



2/14/10 Ferguson and McShane help Prep seal an unlikely 3rd consecutive CHSAA Championship with 2 point victory over St. Anthony's
They did when it counted most!  All season Tom Ferguson was on the cusp of the big jump.  At times frustrated it didn't come together, he knew one day it would. It came together on the day the Prep would need it most.  Going into the competition he was tied for the third seed at 13 feet with two other jumpers- sophs from Iona and St. Anthony's and 6 inches behind Vince Fellagara of Iona who consistantly jumped 13'6 all season long.  With the prospect of finishing anywhere from 5th to second we hoped for at least a third place finish.  Misses would be key- and there were few for Tom-- 12'6-first jump, 13 feet first jump, putting him tied for second place with Fellagara going to 13'6.  They would both miss there first jumps.  Tom would make it on his second, Fellagara on his third.  With both missing at 14 feet, 2nd place belonged to Ferguson- gaining what would prove to be a valuable extra point.
Tom McShane's performance would prove to be just as valuable in ensuring the 2pt win.  At 12'6 he was seeded 6th going into the competion.  After nearly no heighting at 11'6, he would go on to equal a personal best clearing 12'6 on his second jump.  Misses again would be crucial.  Another Iona vaulter cleared 12'6 also, but on his third jump.  The sophomore star from Iona, would elect to pass 12'6 after clearing 12, but fail to make 13 feet.  5th place belonged to MCShane, and one of the most valuable points of the meet belonged to the Prep.
Two great stories of performing under pressure, being at your best when it really counts! Of course three and half years of hard work and perservance are what really made it happen!

2/7/10 Freshman City Champs:  TWO FRESHMEN OVER 10 FEET!!
The Prep had never had two Freshmen over 10 feet indoors in the same season until this past Saturday. In fact only 6 other freshmen vaulters in Prep history have cleared 10 feet indoors, including varisty record holders (at 15'6) Gavin McMahon '03 and John Bednarz '07.   How they got there was a contrast in styles- McEvoy opened at 8'6 and was perfect all the way, clearing each height on his first attempt and tossing in a 5"0 high jump in between jumps.  Kuntz took a tougher route, 8'6 on three attempts, 9'0 on three attempts, 9'6 on three, and finally 10 feet on only the second attempt.  He would later toss in a 2:17 lead-off in the 4x800, leading the relay to a City Championship.   They led a Freshman crew of 11 vaulters all to clear at least 7'6!  The future looks bright for Prep vaulting.

Gold and Silver medalists Christian Kuntz and Sean McEvoy

1/9/2010- Hispanic Games-  13 feet for Ferguson!!!! Becomes one of 10 Prep Vaulters ever over 13 feet indoors

1/8/2010-   Sophs take 2-5 at Sectionals!!! 10 points helps lead the
team to win over Msgr. Farrell 52.5-43.5
John Lazar 2nd- 10ft
John Bauer 2nd- 10ft.
Cameron Granda- 4th 9'6 PR
Adam Loughlin- 5th- 8'6
How did they do as Freshmen?
Loughlin- 5th- 8'0
Lazar- 7th- 7"6
Granda and Bauer- NH
Hard work and dedication to an event that perhaps has the highest attrition
rate in the league has clearly paid off for the soph vaulters. 


                                                                                                                                                Silver Medalist John Lazar


2009-10 Update #1- January 2, 2010
Phase one of the season is complete and has seen some nice early season jumps from both the upperclassmen and the new crop of Freshmen.  Here are the PR's so far:
                    PR as of 1/2/10         PR at this time last year        PR 2007-08
Ferguson      12'6                           injured                                9'6
McShane      12'0                           10'0                                           8'0
Grenawalt    11'0                           10'6                                           8'0
Civetta         11'0                           8'6                                           7'6
Bauer           10'6                            8'0
Lazar            10'0                            7'0
Granda          9'6                            6'6

Led by Sean McEvoy's most recent jump of 9 feet (which is currently tied for the #1 jump by a Freshman so far this year in the city), the frosh have 6 athletes over the 8 foot mark, along with many more over the 7 foot mark.

Sean McEvoy: 9'0
Lucas Gilbride: 8'6
Clay Curran : 8"6
Paul Pache: 8'0
Robert Horvath: 8'0
Christian Kuntz: 8'0
Mike Janny : 7'6
Ryan Loftus: 7'6
Jack Lee: 7'6
Danny Kaul" 7'0
Christian Moreno 7'0
Markel Jones- Francis 6'6
Jack Wagner 6'6
Brendan Beyer 6'6
Antonio Cartolano 6'6
Brian Hommel  6'6
Robert Beale 5'0


Sun 1/25/09:  NY Sectional Champs:   TEXAS SIZED JUMPS!!!!
Stunning PR's on one of the best vaulting days ever for the Prep.  With a broken nose, Gio Graziosa takes the Frosh championship with a PR of 10feet (ties for #2 all-time Prep frosh).  He followed that with a stellar 58.8 anchor leg on the 1600m relay.  8 footers included Jeff Cortez, Dencil Lopez, and Adam Loughlin.
The varsity numbers speak for themselves
  Sectionals: 2009                                        2008                2007                    2006
Horvath    14'6 (one foot PR)                    12'6                    NH                      8'0
Carr          13'6 (1 and 1/2 foor PR)           10'6                   NH                     did not vault indoors
Talty         12'6                                           11'6                  NH                       NH
Petrovich    12'0                                         10'6                    injured                injured
DiIorio        11'0                                         10'6                   8'6                       NH
Ferguson    11'6                                          10'0               (did not jump indoors as frosh)
McShane    10'0                                           nh                   7'6
Grenawalt   10'0                                            8'6                8'0
Kowarick   10'6                                            8'6
Civetta       9'6                                            nh

Sat 12/13/08:  CHSAA Relay Carival: 
A record setting 25 Prep vaulters competed at the annual season opener at the armory.  Here a few interesting numbers:
- The 25 Prep vaulters combined jumped 205 feet
- the 16 Prep Freshmen all cleared the opening height of 6 feet, with Gio Graziosa and Dennis Kennelly clearing 8'6" and Jeff Cortez at 8ft.
- The upperclassmen combined jumped 16'6" higher than they did at this meet last year.
- How did the seniors do at this meet when they were Freshmen:
                2005        2008
Horvath    6'6            13'0 (currently tied for #1 jump in CHSAA)
Talty         6'6            12'0
DiIorio      6'6            11'6
Petrovich   7'0            11'6
Carr                           11'6  (did not vault indoors freshman year, but he did run 34.6 in the Midget 800 relay)

Sat 1/6/07
- 13th Annual Hispanic Games - Armory

Jon Bednarz  15'6"*PR 2ndTies School record set at this same meet 4 years ago.  At the time, Gavin McMahon's winning vault was the CHSAA and Armory record as well as the 3rd best vault in NY State History. 
The progression of heights:

14'0 14'6 15'0 15'6 16'0

12/16/07 - Bednarz Sets Meet Record
Loughlin Games - Armory

- Jon Bednarz (pictured, photo by wingedfootfotos) is named the Loughlin Games Outstanding Field Performer for his meet record vault of 15'2"! Only the third vaulter in Prep History over 15 feet!

Article by Chris Hunt of the Journal News
Video by Fran McCabe '07
Video from!
Coverage by Dyestat





1/29/05- Mayor's Trophy Meet
Bednarz and McGeever Top 13'3
Brian McGeever, in his first meet this season showed that he's better than when he last competed more than six months ago, as he cleared a personal best 13 feet and 3 inches.  That ties him with teammate Jon Bednarz who also cleared a personal best 13'3 for second highest jumping the league this season.  Bednarz is now just six inches off the sophomore school record set in 2001 by Gavin McMahon '03.  Darren Traynor, after clearing 11'9 had three good attempts at 12'3.  Junior John Antrim-Cashin cleared a personal best 11'3, while soph Chris Corsillo also PR'd at 9'9.(Note Corsillo only cleared 7'0 once all last year as a Frosh). Two frosh also joined in the PR parade as Conor Prunty and Joshua Lopez-Travetello cleared 8'9.  

2/15/05  Stanner Games  


  It seems persistence pays off as Jonathan Bednarz pushes through this midseason with a 12’10 clearance this past Saturday at the Armory after months of struggling to get beyond 11’6 . After  his 3rd attempt at 12’4, nobody thought that his narrow clearance could get him any higher. They were proved right through his first two attempts at 12’10, but to everyone’s surprise on the 3rd attempt he leapt up and  soared over the bar. Along with this was Darren Traynor's clearance of 11'10, a 4 inch PR, moving him ever closer to medal contention come championship time. Soph Michael Ulanski also had a good day and vaulted over 11-4 (Note:  Mike jumped 8'6 at this meet last year).  

The Frosh saw a large squad after two months finally round into a force to be reckoned with in league competition.  James Schindler and Joshua Lopez-Travatello led the way with their 8'6 clearances to place them 4th and 5th.  They were followed by 7 other Prep vaulters who cleared the7'6 mark.  9 Frosh over 7'6 is the most ever in Prep history.  Congrats!  

2/8/03 Frosh/Soph City Champs
Doherty and McGeever take City Pole Vault Titles!
McGeever PV.jpg (39869 bytes)
wpe2.jpg (46836 bytes)After placing second four weeks ago to Farrell at the sectional champs, Brian McGeever's bid for a third City Championship was in question. A refocused work ethic paid off in consistancy when it was needed. He was perfect through 11'6--no misses, which proved to be what would be needed as both Brian McGeever and Brian Duggen would finish at 11'6.  McGeever would take the win as Duggen had two misses at 11'6.  It proved to be 4 weeks well spent. Darren Traynor and Dan Tuschaj both cleared personal bests of 9'6.
For the frosh, Brian Doherty continued to lead the way as he has done all season. His winning height of 10'6 came while he was also busy taking home the gold inthe Long Jump with a jump of 16'10.   John Antrim-Cashin's personal best of 9 feet would place him third, while Pat Scramm finished in a tie for 5th.

1/11/03 Hispanic Games
McMahon sets new Armory Record and ups CHSAA record to 15'6
Gavin McMahon thrilled the armory crowd of over 3000 as he cleared an armory record and national leading height of 15'6 on his first attempt. It would tie Gavin with two others for the second highest vault in state history**.  While he had Molloy's Ian Cassidy, who cleared 15 feet,  beat on misses, 15'6 was needed for the outright win.  He went on to attempt to break the state record- 15'9 set by Ryan Dall of North Rockland in 1993.  (Note: Ryan's father, Gene Dall, North Rockland coach, was there to watch.)  With the bar raised to 15'9.25 he would easily clear the bar on his second attempt, but unfortunately would graze the bar on his descent.    
**Ironically moments later, at the Dartmouth Invitational Fairport's Andrew Park would clear 15'6.25, to make it the third best vault in state history, setting up what should be a great competition in March at the state meet.
Back Home at the Lombardi Center, Doherty, Schramm, and Antrim-Cashin led a 1-2-3 sweep of the Frosh Vault, with Mike Boothroyd vaulting a personal best of 7'6.  Brendan Byrne  would also clear a personal best 10'6 to take second in the varsity competition.



1/3/03 Novice/Jr-Midget ChampsDoherty starts the new year with a new Frosh PV Record: 11 feet!!
If a new record by one inch wasn't convincing enough two weeks ago, this weeks record by 1 foot should be.  On his first attempt Brian Doherty cleared 11 feet, bettering teammates McMahon and McGeever's Freshman records of 10 feet. He's only 7 inches off the league record held by Molloy's Ian Cassidy.   Pat Schramm showed continued improvement with his 9 foot clearance. Frank Graziano also Pr'd with a 6"6 clearance, while Mike Boothroyd narrowly missed  a 7'6 PR. Darren Traynor showed nice progress with 9 foot clearance.  Juniors Brendan Byrne and Terence Winters, progressing nicely to new poles. seem poised for big jumps soon.  A 1-4 sweep of the vault helped the team to a 1st place tie with Chaminade for the Novice Championship.

12/14/02 CHSAA Relay Carnival: 
 McMahon Sets New School and CHSAA Record  15'3
The day started, doubtful as to whether or not Gavin would make it to the meet as he was taking the ACT's in the morning.  The Varsity vault was scheduled for 10:30, and the test would not end until 12:00. All hoped a long Freshman Vault would delay things.  As the meet began, over 30 Freshman vaulters converged on the pits.  The event, set to start at 9AM was sure to go at least until 11:00.  Ironically, it was two Prep frosh-Brian Doherty and Pat Schramm that would extend the event for an additional 20 minutes, as they competed in a tie-breaker for first place, with Doherty winning at 9 feet.  While McMahon would not make it in time for warm-ups, that ensured that he would be there long before the bar reached 14 feet.  He cleared his opening height of 14 feet on the first attempt.  He would go on to make 14'6 on the 2nd attempt, as did junior Ian Cassidy from Molloy. At least 15 feet would be needed for the win. As the entire crowd at the armory stopped top watch, he would clear 15 feet on his third attempt-- setting a new Prep record.  The excitement mounted as Gavin went on to set a new CHSAA record.  On his third attempt Gavin  cleared 15'3, breaking the former record of 15'2, held by Paul Schmitt of St. Anthony's.  He would go on narrowly miss a new Armory record, 15'6.5, hitting the bar twice on his descent. 

1/6/02 Sophomore Sectionals: Terence Winters - 10 Feet!
With a stunning foot and a half PR, Terence Winters would take second place,  followed by teammate Brendan Byrne who would earn third place with his six inch PR-- 9 feet!  Notable is that Terence and Brendan never placed in a championship meet as Freshmen.  They would help the t4eam win its second consecutive sophomore Archdiocesan championship over Farrel.

1/6/02 3 Kings Meet, Fordham University:  Frosh McGeever Remains Undefeated!
With his 9 foot vault, Brian McGeever remains undefeated in Freshman competition this season.  John Dolan's 7'6 clearance earned him third place.  Danny Tuschaj had his first clearance of the year with a 7 foot vault.  Justin Deleon (6') and Darren Traynor (7') continued to make steady progress. In the varsity competition, Mike Corsillo showed that 12 feet is definitely in the near future, with three good attempts.  Will Heitman, returning after illness proved he hasn't lost much with a 12 foot clearance.  Colin O'Dwyer would win the competition at 12'6.

12/27/02 Holiday Classic, Armory:  O'Dwyer soars to 14 FEET!
Colin O'Dwyer became only the second prep vaulter ever to clear 14 Feet.  After making 13'6 on his third attempt, he would go on to clear 14 feet, also on his third attempt. He combined with teammate Gavin McMahon (13'6) to set a new meet record, placing first in the pole vault relay.  Rupert Pond 12'6 and Mike Corsillo 11'6 combined for six place.

(Photo By Dyetstat)



12/22/01  Grinch Games at Fordham University: McGeever 9'0----O'Dwyer 13'6
Brian McGeever led a talented Freshman crew of vaulters, sure to make there mark in the league.  After McGeever missed his first two attempts at 8'6, it seemed that he would have to settle for second to the vaulter from Iona who easily cleared 8"6 on his first attempt.  On his third attempt, McGeever cleared 8'6 and went onto to clear 9'0 to take first place--  with a jump only one foot off the school record.    Soph Brendan Byrne continued to impress, just missing 9'0 to place second among 8 sophomores.   Junior Mike Corsillo would place second in the Varsity competition with a personal best 11'6.   By the time the bar reached 12' the Lombardi Center had cleared out, with only Fordham Vaulters remaining.  Colin O'Dwyer, after a six hour wait would go onto clear 13'6,  placing himself atop the state leaderboard, along with teammate Gavin McMahon.


pg6a.jpg (10562 bytes)



  • #2 All-Time CHSAA

At the 1st Annual Farrell "Night Under the Lights", Lloyd PRd with a 14'9" vault, then missed his 1st attempt at 15'0", then cleared it on his 2nd attempt.  History.


  • New York City High School Record

  • CHSAA Meet Record

  • Prep School Record

  • National Champs Qualifier

  • Currently # 5 New York State

  • CHSAA City Champion

Congratulations Lloyd Nolan!

Pv1.jpg (13337 bytes)
May 22, 1999 - St. John's U.

  • Sean Geraghty takes 3rd with 12'6" vault!
  • Colin O'Dwyer breaks Freshman School Record with 11'0"!



14 FEET!

1/9/99: New Balance Games:  As they continue to shock the High School Pole Vault World, the Prep vaulters ran roughshod over the competition at the New Balance Games, taking 3 of the top five positions in the Pole Vault relay!  Senior Lloyd Nolan led the way with his East-Leading 14 footer, and Junior Steve Piacente served notice to the rest of the league that he has "arrived", with a 12 foot effort of his own.  Future vault teams will be hard pressed to match the 26 foot total amassed by the Vertical Rams (unless they're from the Prep).  John Carpenter led the "B" team to bronze with his 11'6" PR. 

That's not all!  Back on the homefront, the Freshman version of Carney's stick-wielding crew swept the first 5 places at the Fordham Development Meet .  Mike Fazio and Will Heitmann went 1-2 and tied the Frosh School record of 9'.  Colin O'Dwyer, Tom Morningstar and Rupert Pond were right behind with vaults of 8'6, 8' and 8' respectively.  Soph Andy Westphal made great progress as well with his 8'6" effort. 

Cool Links!:

mattanim1.gif (230196 bytes)  

7/23/98 - Empire State Games: Lloyd Nolan cleared a personal best of 13'0" as he took 4th place in the annual statewide games!   John Carpenter placed 8th with a fine 10'6" showing. 

7/21/98 - Goodwill Games:  An inspiration for all American vaulters, 31-year old Jeff Hartwig cleared 19'8.5" to set a new American pole vault record.  Only two vaulters in history have gone higher!  It should be noted that Hartwig never cleared 15'0" in HS, nor 18'0" in college--a testament to the power of hard work.  In addition, Bill Deering, who coached our vaulters at the Bill Falk camp, placed 4th in 18'8.5".

7/15/98 - Vaulters return from Bill Falk Camp! - Lloyd Nolan, Doyle Hunt, and Pete Broglie returned to the Bronx with great confidence and much to talk about.  Nolan is said to be clearing 13 feet with ease, Broglie 10'6", and Hunt is pushing for an additional outdoor pit! Also, they actually witnessed Bill Deering clear 19 feet!  Guess we'll have to take their word on it.   Nolan and John Carpenter head to Empire States on Tuesday, July 21.

6/13/98 - Empire State Game Trials - THE SEASON JUST WON'T END for the vaulters.  Lloyd Nolan and John Carpenter took both NYC spots for the Empire State Games to be held in Rochester from July 19-24.  The domination continues......

5/23/98 - City Championships: - The Prep won its first City Championship Pole Vault medal in 41 years as Lloyd Nolan placed 3rd at the Cities, registering a 12'0" effort.  Congrats to the Pole Vault squad on a most successful "sophomore" season. 

5/14-16/98 - Frosh/Soph Cities, Sectionals: - Continuing their dominant ways, the Frosh win 3 championship medals as Pete Broglie (9'0") wins two silver medals, and Lou Salvatore caps a nice comeback as he wins the Sectional title in 9'0". John Carpenter and Doyle Hunt place in both the Sectionals and Cities, while Adrian Clarke improves to 9'6".

5/6/98 - Novice City Champs - John Carpenter raises the Soph Pole Vault Record to 11'0" with his 2nd place finish, and Doyle Hunt becomes the 3rd Prep vaulter in the Carney Era to clear 10'0"

4/20/98 - St. John's Invitational - Sean Geraghty takes home the 1st  Place plaque with his PR of 9'6".
Nolan duplicates his 12'6" effort

4/14/98 - Iona Invitational
Lloyd Nolan Breaks School Pole Vault Record! Takes 1st Place at Iona Invitational with record 12'6" vault
In 1953, James Redmond '53 vaulted 12'3.5" at the CHSAA City Championships.  It was Redmond's second CHSAA PV title, and his vault set a new school and meet record. 
In addition to Nolan's historic vault, 5 other medals were won by Sophs Carpenter, and Hunt, and Frosh Ahern, Salvatoreand Broglie.

2/22/98 - Frosh/Soph Cities - Frosh sweep 1st thru 4th places! Abinanti City Champ! Salvatore silver medalist. Westphal, Broglie and Ahern clear 8 ft. Piacente breaks Soph Record with 10'6" effort, Carpenter gets 5th with 10 ft. Jon Schwartz clears 9'0.
Congratulations on a great season!

2/7/98 - Mayor's Meet - Nolan 2nd with 11'6" vault, Steve Piacente ties Soph record with 10'0" effort (also 5th place) and John Carpenter takes 6th. Joe Abinanti and Lou Salvatore clear 9'0' to break the Freshman record.

1/31/98 - Sectionals: Prep Vaulters dominate! Lloyd Nolan clears 12'0" for the 2nd time this season and gets 2nd at the sectionals. John Carpenter ties Soph record with 10'0" vault. Joe Abinanti leads a Prep romp by taking 1st, followed by 2nd place Lou Salvatore, and 4th placers Kevin Ahern, Pete Broglie, and Andy Westphal.

1/17/98 - Stanner Games: Frosh Joe Abinanti co-broke the Meet record for the Stanner Games by vaulting 8'6" to place 2nd (in a tie breaker) in the meet. Kevin Ahern placed 5th with a 7'6' effort, while Pete Broglie PRd with a 7'6" vault as well.

12/29 Brown Invitational: Lloyd Nolan vaulted a 1 foot PR to get 6th Place at the prestigious Brown Meet. His Vault of 12'0" gets him within 3.5" of the 35 year-old Prep record set by James Redmond in 1953!

12/27 Fordham Development Meet: Adrian Clarke Won the Soph Gold medal over Soph Sectional Champ Steve Piacente by vaulting 9'0"

The first Frosh competition of the year was won by Joe Abinanti in 7'6". Kevin Ahern equaled that height, but took 2nd on misses. 6 Frosh cleared heights!

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