Stanner Games :

All athletes meet near PV area at report times.

Invitational Shot Put 4x400 Relay
Mike Seminario      51'5"* James Deutmeyer 57.2 PR
 Stanner Games Champion  Pat Kennelly 55.4 PR
    Joe Reitano 57.1 PR
1000 Malik Crossdale 51.4
Rosa   3:41.81
Cruz   **New Prep Freshman Record**
1600 PV
Martin 4:51.  PR Kowarick
Orozco 4:58. Civetta
300 report 12pm  
Robertson Frosh PV
Gray 1:28


2010 Stanner Games Schedule                                        Events on Infield Starting at 9:45 AM
On The Track                                                                945   Varsity Girls  55M High Hurdles (Trials)
9:15 Freshmen Boys SMR                                             955  Freshman Girls 55M High Hurdles
9:30 Freshmen Girls SMR (Final on Time)
9:40 Sophomore Boys SM                                               1005Sophomore Girls 55 M High Hurdles
10:05 Sophomore Girls SMR (Final on Time)                      
10:20 Girls 3000 Meter Run                                             1015 Varsity Girls 55M High Hurdles(Final)
10:30 Boys 3200 Meter Run                                              1025 Varsity Boys 55 M High Hurdles(Trials)
10:40 Girls 1000 Meter Run                                               1035 Freshman Boys 55M High Hurdles
11:15 Boys 1000 Meter Run (Final on Time)
12:00 Girls Invitational Mile                                             1045  Sophomore Boys 55M High Hurdles
12:05 Boys Invitational Mile (Final on Time)
12:10 Girls 1600 Meter Run                                              11 Varsity Boys 55M High Hurdles(Final)
12:45 Boys 1600 Meter Run                                              1105 Varsity Girls 55M (Trials)
1:30 Girls 300 Meter Trials                                               1110Freshman Girls 55M (Final on time)
2:05 Boys 300 Meter Trials                                              1115 Sophomore Girls 55M (Final on time)
2:35 Girls 600 Meter Run                                               1120Varsity Girls 55M (Final)
3:05 Boys 600 Meter Run                                               1125Varsity Boys 55M (Trials)
3:25 Girls 300 Meter Dash Final                                             1130  Freshman Boys 55 M (Final on time)
3:30 Boys 300 Meter Dash Final                                               1135Sophomore Boys 55M (Final on Time)
3:35 Girls 3200 Meter Relay                                               1140Varsity Boys 55M (Final)
4:10 Boys 3200 Meter Relay                                              11:45am  Varsity Boys Shuttle Hurdle Relay
4:45 Girls 1600 Meter Relay-Final On Time (Final on time)
5:10 Boys 1600 Meter Relay-Final On Time                        11:55am Varsity Girls Shuttle Hurdle Relay
5:30 Girls 800 Meter Relay-Final On Time (Final on time)
5:45 Boys 800 Meter Relay-Final On Time Field Events
9:45 Boys Pole Vault
Followed by Frosh Boys Pole Vault
Followed by Var Girls PV
9:45 Boys Invitational Shot Put & Final
Followed by Girls Shot Put
Followed by Varsity Boys Shot Put
Followed by Frosh Boys Shot Put
9:45 Boys & Girls Triple Jump(2 runways)
Followed by Boys & Girls Long Jump
Boys & Girls High Jump will begin
when the sprint straightaway is cleared.